Judy Shelton's Fed Nomination Fails Key Senate Procedural Vote

Judy Shelton's Fed Nomination Fails Key Senate Procedural Vote

Donald Trump’s attempt to secure a place for Judy Shelton on the Federal Reserve’s board of governors failed to pass a key procedural hurdle Tuesday.

The Senate voted down a measure to limit debate on the nomination of Judy Shelton to the Fed board, a crucial step to bringing her nomination to an up or down vote on the Senate floor. The vote could indicate that Republicans have failed to secure enough support to confirm the controversial nominee.

Three Republican Senators—Susan Collins of Maine, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, and Mitt Romney of Utah—have already said they would not vote to confirm Shelton. All Democrats are expected to oppose her confirmation, an unusual partisan split over a Fed nomination, and voted against the procedural move on Tuesday.

Senator Alexander wasn’t in Washington to vote Tuesday due to a family matter. Senator Rick Scott of Florida and Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, are

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