Judge Sends Out Jury, Admonishes Witness In George Floyd Case

Judge Sends Out Jury, Admonishes Witness In George Floyd Case

Judge Peter Cahill sent out the jury and admonished a witness Tuesday for her argumentative behavior with a defense attorney for Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin and the court.

Genevieve Hansen, a 27-year-old Minneapolis firefighter with state and national EMT certifications, stood witness Tuesday, testifying about Chauvin’s arrest and detainment of George Floyd.

Hansen said she tried to offer medical assistance to Floyd, who later died, but was denied by officers.

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When she was cross-examined by Eric Nelson, Chauvin’s attorney, Hansen’s demeanor reportedly “changed.”

The Daily Mail reported on the exchange and admonishment of the witness by Judge Cahill (emphasis added):

But soon after Hansen’s demeanor changed as she was cross examined by Chauvin’s attorney Eric Nelson, who asked if she would describe bystanders at the scene of Floyd’s arrest as upset or angry.

Hansen replied: ‘I don’t know if you’ve seen anybody be killed, but it’s upsetting.’

At this point Judge Peter Cahill stepped in and cautioned Hansen for being argumentative, instructing her to ‘just answer

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