Judge Says Surfside Victims Can Get $150 Million In Compensation

Judge Says Surfside Victims Can Get $150 Million In Compensation

The survivors and family members of victims who perished in the Surfside condo collapse in June will receive at least $150,000,000 in compensation, a judge ruled Wednesday, a month after dozens of residents perished in the middle of the night. 

According to the Associated Press, the $150,000,000 will serve as an initial compensation package shared among former residents and their families. The money will come from the sale of the land, where the Surfside Condo building once stood, and from a $50,000,000 insurance claim. The lot may yield even more than $100,000,000 when it’s finally sold. 

Ninety-five people have been confirmed as dead from the building collapse. The whereabouts of three other people remain unknown, which means that the death toll may reach 98 if authorities determine they were in the building at the time it collapsed. 

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The cause of the building’s collapse has not been determined. 

Despite an arduous search and rescue effort, officials did not recover anyone from the rubble alive

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