Judge Rules in Favor of Trump on PA Voter ID Deadline

Judge Rules in Favor of Trump on PA Voter ID Deadline

President Donald Trump just attained a major victory in a Pennsylvania court.

A judge ruled that the PA Secretary of State lacked authority to alter the deadline for mail-in ballots where the voter hadn’t provided proof of identification just 2 days before election day.

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Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar had previously provided guidance saying that proof of identification could be provided up to November 12th, even though State law only permits voters to have until 6 days after the election.


Judge: #Pennsylvania sec. of state overstepped authority by changing election deadline#Election2020https://t.co/Idk1YtwUaz

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) November 12, 2020

Here’s the scoop from Fox News:

A Pennsylvania judge ruled in favor of the Trump campaign Thursday, ordering that the state may not count ballots where the voters needed to provide proof of identification and failed to do so by Nov. 9.

State law said that voters have until

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