Judge Removes County Prosecutors From George Floyd Case Over ‘Sloppy’ Work

Judge Removes County Prosecutors From George Floyd Case Over ‘Sloppy’ Work

Four attorneys from the Hennepin County prosecutor’s office were removed from the George Floyd case due in part to “sloppy” work, a county judge ruled Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Hennepin County District Court Judge Peter Cahill’s ruling took four of the county prosecutors off of the case against the four former Minneapolis police officers charged in the killing of Floyd after a defense attorney said they didn’t have an independent attorney present when they interviewed a medical examiner, the WSJ reported.

“I think it was sloppy not to have someone present,” Cahill said, the WSJ reported. “Those four attorneys are off the case. They are not to participate. They are now witnesses.”

Here is a sketch from inside the courtroom, of Derek Chauvin and his attorney Eric Nelson, by the talented Cedric Hohnstadt pic.twitter.com/k4R64hWlBO

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Cahill’s ruling followed a motion from the defense attorneys, who also said county attorneys appeared in a Minneapolis Police Department Training video that the defense plans to use in the case, according to the WSJ.

“Any suggestion by Judge Cahill that the work of [Amy] Sweasy and [Patrick] Lofton was sloppy

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