Joy Reid Of MSNBC: Trump Support Is A “Racial & Religious Cult Of Personality”


MSNBC’s Joy Reid is just one of the many in mainstream media with chronic TDS.

Reacting to a recent poll that showed over half of Republicans believe that Donald Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln, Reid concluded that this was due to some cult mentality.

Specifically, Reid called support of Trump a “racial and religious cult of personality.”

She referenced President Trump referring to himself as the “chosen one” in her argument (if it could even be called that), proving once again that the left can’t take a joke!

See for yourself on Twitter:

Reid’s guest said that ‘literally, that there is a very cult-like aspect with what we’re seeing going on with Trump.’ #AbrahamLincoln #DonaldTrump #journalism #MSNBC #polls

— The Western Journal (@WestJournalism) December 1, 2019

Reid called them not a political party anymore, but “a racial and religious cult of personality.” @MrScarce

— Crooks and Liars (@crooksandliars) December 1,

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