Joy Reid Floats Laughable Sex Accusation Against Gov. DeSantis

Joy Reid Floats Laughable Sex Accusation Against Gov. DeSantis

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis poses such a threat to Democrats that they’re attempting to take him out almost four years before the next presidential election.

CBS and “60 Minutes” attempted to connect the governor to a non-existent corruption scandal two weeks ago in which it was inferred that DeSantis took a political bribe from a Florida-based grocery chain in return for an exclusive contract to vaccinate the state’s seniors.

None of that was, of course, true. Even worse for the left-wing activists at CBS, DeSantis came out on the other side of the lazy hit piece on top after even Democrats couldn’t stomach the hostile, so-called reporting.

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Not to be outdone by “60 Minutes,” a formerly credible TV magazine and once-beloved journalistic institution, MSNBC’s Joy Reid attempted to connect Florida’s rockstar governor to a sex trafficking ring as the left-wing lunacy continued.

Reid, who has never had and never will

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