Joy Behar: 'End of Democracy' if Trump Reelected

Joy Behar: 'End of Democracy' if Trump Reelected

Co-host Joy Behar predicted Thursday on ABC’s “The View” that if President Donald Trump won a second term, it would be “the end of democracy.”

During a panel discussion of Trump and Biden’s competing town halls tonight, Behar said, “It’s so insane out there. I mean, you watch TV, and you see how insane everybody is. You know, the ratings will probably go to the stable genius because people prefer to watch a train wreck rather than watch, you know, say, a course in civics. That doesn’t mean the ratings will translate to votes. I think NBC is all in for Trump as they were with “The Apprentice,” and the fact that Mark Burnett still has not released a lot of tapes where he probably said some horrific things. NBC, if they really want to do the show, they should put in a laugh track because that is what watching

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