Josh Hawley: Time to ‘Take Action’ Against Big Tech ‘Robber Barons’

Josh Hawley: Time to ‘Take Action’ Against Big Tech ‘Robber Barons’

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) charged during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday that “it is time” that America take action against the big tech “robber barons.”

“It’s always amazing to me, Mr. Chairman, how many people before this committee suddenly develop amnesia. Maybe it is something about the air in the room,” Hawley said as Zuckerberg said he does not remember the details about Facebook’s ability to track users across the Internet.

Hawley asked Zuckerberg several questions about Facebook, Google, and Twitter’s ability to coordinate regarding their content moderation policies. The Missouri conservative also asked about a Facebook program that would allow the social media giant to track its users across the Internet.

Hawley torched Zuckerberg for refusing to answer his and other Republicans’ questions.

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Hawley also charged that Zuckerberg and other big tech CEOs refuse to answer questions and be truthful regarding their content moderation and other policies,

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