Jorge Masvidal: Joe Biden Has ‘Never Won A F**king Game’

Jorge Masvidal: Joe Biden Has ‘Never Won A F**king Game’


UFC superstar Jorge Masvidal isn’t a fan of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

In a video making the rounds online, Masvidal tells a crowd of people that President Donald Trump wins Super Bowls in politics, and that Biden has “been in the business at every level for 47 years and never won a f**king game.” (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

According to Fox News, the comments were made last weekend during a campaign tour in Florida. You can watch the video, which has more than two million views, below.

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— QualityAnalyst (@QAnalyst45) October 13, 2020

Remember when I said Jorge Masvidal on the campaign trail in Florida would be content gold? Remember when I said that a few days back?

Well, I’d like to go ahead and take a victory lap because I turned out to be 100% correct.

The moment I heard that Masvidal was going on a “Fighters Against Socialism” tour, I knew his fans were in for a fun time.

As predicted, he didn’t disappoint one bit. He compared politics to the Super

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