Johnny Rotten: Media, Colleges Responsible For Cancel Culture

Johnny Rotten: Media, Colleges Responsible For Cancel Culture

Johnny Lydon, a.k.a. Johnny Rotten of the “Sex Pistols,” has once again spoken out against cancel culture and political correctness.

Speaking with the U.K.’s The Times, Lydon said that he loves journeying across America and seeing the rich diversity of scenery and people, but fears that political correctness will ruin this free nation.

“I love being on a tour bus because I just stare out the window. I’m utterly amazed and transfixed by the difference of scenery from one state to another,” he said, as reported by Fox News. “The forests up north and the swamps down south, all of it, it’s lovely. The people are very, very varied and very forgiving. A new country, new open-mindedness I suppose. Like they’re not really stuck down and nailed to the floor by class warfare.”

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Lydon moved from London to California in 2013 to take care of his wife, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

“These people aren’t really genuinely disenfranchised at all. They just view themselves

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