John Brennan: 'Nativist, Xenophobic' Americans Are Suppressing Other Views

John Brennan: 'Nativist, Xenophobic' Americans Are Suppressing Other Views

Appearing Friday on CNN, former CIA Director John Brennan said the United States is comprised of  “nativist, xenophobic” elements exhibited abroad in the last century.

Former CIA director John Brennan says he hopes President Trump will not divulge national secrets after leaving office.

“But I do worry,” he says about what Trump might do to “enhance his personal, political, or financial standing in the future.”

— CNN Newsroom (@CNNnewsroom) November 13, 2020

A transcript is as follows: 

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BRIANNA KEILAR: We’ve heard that phrase, “If you don’t know history, you could be condemned to repeat it,” which is part of the reason why it’s so important to understand different things whether it’s about the Cold War or World War II, and the fact that it was the fight again Fascism. Why is that so important for Americans writ large or for elected officials to understand that it was actually

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