John Bolton Turns Down Adam Schiff’s Request to Submit Sworn Affidavit

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It appears that Democrats got burned again.

Shortly after the Senate voted to not pursue any further witnesses, Adam Schiff reached out to John Bolton and requested that he submit a sworn affidavit.

John Bolton refused.

Needless to say, Adam Schiff is not happy, but then again, the Democrats don’t have much to celebrate these days.

Check it out:

Adam Schiff just got blown the heck out – Bolton now refuses to go under oath and a stunned and confused Schiff can’t figure out why 🤣

He got played by a guy who just wanted to sell a book 😆

— Wayne Dupree 🎙🎥 (@WayneDupreeShow) February 7, 2020

Rep. Adam Schiff: “We reached out to John Bolton’s counsel after the senators voted down his testimony to see whether he would be willing to submit a affidavit under oath that would still be valuable during trial… He refused.”

— The Hill (@thehill) February 8, 2020

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