Joey Behar: GOP Senators Are "Flirting" With Amy Coney Barrett

Joey Behar: GOP Senators Are “Flirting” With Amy Coney Barrett

Radical-left co-host of “The View” Joy Behar thinks that Republican Senators are “flirting” with Judge Amy Coney Barrett during her Supreme Court nomination hearings.

“These Republican senators (Sasse and now Cruz) are shamelessly flirting with ACB. Obnoxious,” Behar said in a tweet on Wednesday.


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It seems that Behar thinks the Democratic Senator’s rude behavior to Barrett is normal so anything short of that must be “flirting.”

During Wednesday’s hearing, Barrett clapped back at Democratic Senator Chris Coons who continuously tried to draw parallels between her and former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

“To be clear, as I said I think in response to this question yesterday, I do share Justice Scalia’s approach to text, originalism and textualism, but in the litany of cases that you’ve just identified, the particular votes that he cast are a different question of whether I would agree with the way that he applied those principles,” Barrett said.

Barrett then slammed Coons for continuing to

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