Joe Rogan Spits Some Truth About The Vaccine

Joe Rogan Spits Some Truth About The Vaccine

That’s the truth if i’ve ever heard it!

Im young, and I don’t take flu shots…..ever. Why would I take this rushed ‘vaccine’ when I am young and healthy?

See the thing about a vaccine is: you’re only supposed to take it once or every decade or something.

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Not every year. If you have to take something every year or on a constant basis then that’s not a vaccine. That’s more like a flu shot.

This idea that everyone has to be vaccinated is stupid. I’m not doing it, but I might have! If there wasn’t such a blatant push for people to take it.

I might also consider it if i trusted the Government and American institutions at large…….but I don’t.

None of this is medical advice, I am not a doctor, and everyone has to do what they feel is right for them.

Let’s not pretend that the choice should be anything but a personal one though.

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