Joe Biden's voting rights theater

Joe Biden's voting rights theater

There’s a lot of performance going on in Democratic circles on the issue of voting rights. Texas Democrats fled their state to stop a voting bill written by majority Republicans that everyone knows will pass in the end.

At the same time, national Democratic leaders from President Joe Biden down are employing extreme rhetoric in support of a voting bill, the For the People Act, that everyone knows will not pass in the end.

The For the People Act, known as S. 1 in the Senate, is widely considered a “messaging” bill. It is a wish list of measures that please the party’s liberal wing and send an aspirational message but does not have any chance of actually becoming law.

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So, S. 1 contains measures for the federalization of elections, public financing of campaigns, national mail-in voting, prohibiting voter ID requirements, allowing ballot harvesting, and more.

The House has already passed its version

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