Joe Biden's Border 'Shutdown' Preserves Massive Loopholes

Joe Biden’s Border ‘Shutdown’ Preserves Massive Loopholes

President Joe Biden’s much-touted pre-election border “shutdown” preserves multiple loopholes that allow unlimited mass economic migration into Americans’ workplaces and housing.

At 2:00 p.m., Biden is expected to tout the made-for-TV policy, which allows — but does not require — curbs when more than 2,500 migrants rush across the open border and through the unfinished wall every day for a week.

This means his border “shutdown” policy accepts the inflow of 75,000 illegal migrants per month — 900,000 migrants per year.

That planned inflow of illegals adds up to roughly one illegal migrant for every four American births and is in addition to the inflow of roughly one million legal immigrants and 750,000 temporary workers allowed by Congress’s 1990 law.

Yet the Biden

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