Joe Biden to Global Allies: “America is Back,” But Back to What?

Joe Biden to Global Allies: “America is Back,” But Back to What?

Since day one of President Donald Trump’s announcement of his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” back in 2016, leftists were extremely critical of the slogan.

They made unfounded claims about how “America was never great.”

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We now know why they made those claims.

It’s because the truth of the matter is that their version of America was never great.

Joe Biden is now touting the phrase “America is back.”

So what does that even mean?..

Well, it appears to mean that America is back to where it was before President Trump made it great again…

America is back in the worthless Paris climate accords.

America is back to talking to Iran about the nuclear deal.

America is back to moving jobs overseas.

America is back to putting Americans last…

The end of 'America first': Biden reverses Trump foreign policy moves in address to European allies.

— Fox News (@FoxNews) February 19, 2021

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