Joe Biden Takes A CRIMINAL Cue From Hillary Clinton

Joe Biden Takes A CRIMINAL Cue From Hillary Clinton

Looks like Biden has learned a thing or two from Crooked Hillary.

New reports indicate that Joe Biden used a private email to send sensitive government information to his son Hunter. This is exactly the type of thing Hillary Clinton was involved in.

Before she smashed up her devices and deleted 30,000 emails, Hillary Clinton was in a lot of hot water over her illegal use of digital communication.

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However, Biden looks like he might just get away with it.

The media is a mouthpiece for him unfortunately, and I don’t see enough pressure to get him to answer for this, but maybe if enough people raise the alarm he won’t get away with it completely.

This is what people are saying:

Joe Biden ‘Pulled a Hillary’: Sent Government Info Under Fake Email Name to Hunter Biden

Impeach this Mother F'er! Grow a spine @GOP @GOPLeader

— Agent Rebecca (@GadgetCan2) July 21, 2021

Tom Brady and Joe

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