Joe Biden raised record $383 million in September

Joe Biden raised record $383 million in September

Joseph R. Biden and the Democrats raised a record $383 million in September to build a $432 million war chest for the stretch run of the presidential campaign, his campaign announced Wednesday.

“That’s more than I’ve ever raised my whole life,” Mr. Biden said on a call with a supporter.

The campaign said the haul included donations from 1.1 million new donors last month, bringing the total number of contributors to 5.5 million.

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Mr. Biden, the Democratic party and associated committees had raised $364.5 million in August – then a monthly record – to $210 million for President Trump and the Republicans.

Mr. Biden and the Democrats had $466 million on hand at the beginning of September to $325 million for Mr. Trump and the Republicans, flipping what had been a significant cash-on-hand advantage for the president earlier in the year.

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