Joe Biden Promises to Let Mayors Import Foreign Workers

Joe Biden Promises to Let Mayors Import Foreign Workers

If Joe Biden is elected president, mayors and county executives will get a pipeline of foreign workers for local CEOs who say they cannot recruit Americans for the jobs, says Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign platform.

“It is the Democratic version of [President] George W. Bush’s [2004] ‘Willing worker, willing employer’ proposal,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies. The Bush proposal, he said, would have allowed:

Any employer to import any number of workers from anywhere in the world to do any job at any wage above minimum wage. What Biden wants to do … is to give city and county governments the ability to import people and then give them to the employers.

In exchange, Krikorian said, “the [employers] would express their gratitude with donations and consulting contracts for the [politicians’] cocaine-addicted sons.”

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Biden’s local migration plan is described in his immigration platform titled,

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