Joe Biden pressured to scrap Space Force

Joe Biden pressured to scrap Space Force

The left is already gunning for one of President Trump’s proudest and highest-profile achievements by lobbying presumed President-elect Joseph R. Biden to dismantle the Pentagon’s new Space Force and roll back plans for U.S. military domination of the final frontier.

Dozens of liberal groups this week sent a memo to Mr. Biden’s Pentagon transition team and laid out a host of proposed changes to the military.

The document, first reported by Politico and later released publicly, represents something of a liberal wish list for the next four years and underscores the kind of pressure Mr. Biden and his national security team will face from the left flank of the Democratic Party.

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The memo singles out the Space Force, a point of personal pride for Mr. Trump and the U.S. military’s first new branch since the Air Force’s founding in 1947. Liberal groups say the Space Force is not needed, its budget is too large and its core mission is

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