Joe Biden: 'Let's End Cancer,' 'It's Within Our Power'

Joe Biden: 'Let's End Cancer,' 'It's Within Our Power'

President Joe Biden boldly proclaimed on Wednesday evening, “Let’s end cancer as we know it,” adding, “It’s within our power to do it.” The president made this claim while delivering his first address before a joint session of Congress.

“The Defense Department has an agency called DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,” Biden explained. “The people who set up before I came here, and that’s been a long time ago, to develop breakthroughs that enhance our national security. That’s their only job.”

“It’s led to everything from the discovery of the Internet, to GPS, and so much more,” the president added.

Therefore, Biden said that he believes the National Institutes of Health (NIH) “should create a similar Advanced Research Projects Agency for health.”

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“And here’s what it would do: it would have a singular purpose to develop breakthroughs to prevent, detect, and treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer,” Biden prophesied.

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