Joe Biden Kicks Off 'No Malarkey' Tour Lying About Meeting Kim Jong-un


Former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off his “No Malarkey” tour of Iowa over the weekend by lying about having “spent a lot of time” with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Biden, who has been known to embellish portions of his personal and political life on the campaign trail, flubbed the nature of his relationship withthe North Korean strongman on Sunday at a town hall in Carroll, Iowa. The event, part of Biden’s highly publicized 18-county “No Malarkey” bus tour of Iowa, was supposed to showcase the former vice president’s candor and authenticity as he tries to mount a comeback in the first caucus state—much like John McCain’s ‘Straight Talk Express’ did in New Hampshire during the 2008 election.

As such, Biden opened up with the audience in Carroll about the draining toll of the presidency and the importance of Democrats nominating a candidate in 2020 who would not need on the job training.

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