Joe Biden Just Voted in Person, Why Can’t the Rest of America?

Joe Biden Just Voted in Person, Why Can’t the Rest of America?

The left is still clinging to the story that the only way to prevent poor souls from contracting the coronavirus at the polls in November is mail-in voting.

Like everything else that spews forth from the left, it is a lie that they themselves don’t even believe.

On Monday, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden emerged from his underground bunker to cast his ballot in the Delaware Democratic primary.

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The left has tried to sell the American people on the necessity of universal mail-in balloting despite the clear risk of fraud, ballot harvesting, mailing errors, counting errors and myriad other problems that come along with the format.

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“Vote, vote, vote,” he said, according to the Washington Examiner.

“That’s my message.”

Biden spoke to reporters as he exited the New Castle County Board of Elections. He said he was there to vote for Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons,

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