Joe Biden Is Not The Leader We Need In A Post-Coronavirus World


As much of the country goes into various stages of lockdown over the coronavirus, Joe Biden’s been keeping busy from his home studio in Delaware, making the rounds on cable news and holding forth in virtual news conferences about what the Trump administration should or should not be doing.

Without the ability to campaign—at a time when he otherwise would be campaigning hard—Biden’s in a tough spot. All he can do is appear on the shows and post clips online while President Trump holds daily news conferences with the medical experts leading the fight against the virus.

But Biden’s clips so far don’t inspire confidence. Maybe you’ve seen them. In a string of interviews this week on CNN, MSNBC, and ABC, Biden came across as even more befuddled and rambling than he was on the campaign trail, by turns interrupting himself, trailing off dejectedly, and coughing through interviews.

Biden was never a great candidate, but this is just dismal. As

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