Joe Biden Details Vaccine Push for 'Less Eager' Americans

Joe Biden Details Vaccine Push for 'Less Eager' Americans

President Joe Biden announced Tuesday the next phase of his effort to get more Americans vaccinated for the coronavirus.

The president acknowledged during a speech at the White House that vaccination rates were slowing down, as the number of Americans anxious to get the vaccine was lessening.

“Now, we’re going to have to bring the vaccine to people who are less eager,” he said.

Biden said he would focus on getting more Americans vaccinated, particularly kids between 12-15, adults who had difficulty finding a shot, and Americans who remain unconvinced getting the vaccine is necessary.

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He also criticized younger Americans in their twenties and thirties who believed they did not need the vaccine.

“Let me be absolutely clear, you do need to get vaccinated,” he said.

Biden reassured Americans the vaccines were safe, even noting that the first two were approved by the Food and Drug Administration

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