Joe Biden Described Court Packing as a 'Power Grab' in 2005

Joe Biden Described Court Packing as a 'Power Grab' in 2005

Joe Biden (D) referred to court packing as a “power grab” during a Senate speech in 2005 — a flashback that comes as the former vice president refuses to say if he would pack the court with additional justices, should he take the presidency.

“The president had enough members in his own party and the Senate to convict him, but members of the president’s own party stood up to their president, the Senate as an institution stood against the executive overreaching in his own party,” Biden said in the Senate speech, stating that the upper chamber “again stood firm in ’37 in the court-packing attempt.”

“This particular example, the Senate’s resolve is instructive to today’s debates, so let me describe in some detail,” he began, describing former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s attempt to pack the courts to aid his New Deal legislation:

In the summer of ’37, Roosevelt had

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