Joe Biden Delivers Gaffe-Ridden, Defiant Message After New Hampshire Blowout


Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered a gaffe-ridden but defiant message shortly after suffering a blowout in the New Hampshire primary.

Speaking to supporters in South Carolina, where he retreated after defeat in New Hampshire was all but assured on Monday, the former vice president remained defiant that his White House prospects were still very much credible.

“Tonight, we just heard from the first two of 50 states. Not all of nation, not have…not a quarter of the nation, but two [states],” Biden said. “Now, where I come from that’s the opening bell. Not the closing bell.”

Despite the confidant tone, the former vice president quickly tripped himself up with a gaffe, claiming that although “Iowa and Nevada have spoken,” his campaign planned to vigorously contest the next series of primaries.

The gaffes, however, did not end there. While extolling his support among black voters, Biden claimed his former running mate,

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