Joe Biden Declares The End Of America First

Joe Biden Declares The End Of America First

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During a recent speech, Joe Biden announced the end of the ‘America first’ policy that guided Trump’s presidency.

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Just so we’re clear… The President of the United States of America has just declared that he no longer puts America first.

Do the Democrats have any idea how this sounds to the American people?

The New York Post reports:

Biden announces end of Trump’s ‘America first’ agenda in G-7 speech

President Biden made his international debut Friday with a speech at the G-7 summit declaring the end of former President Donald Trump’s “America first” era.

Administration officials previewed Biden’s virtual speech, which was closed to the press, saying he would touch on the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis, and unveil his plans to dramatically reshape the US foreign policy agenda.

“Now he will get the opportunity as president of the United States early in

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