Joe Biden college campus support threatened by coronavirus

Joe Biden college campus support threatened by coronavirus

College Democrats would usually be fanning out on campuses at this point in the election season, signing up fellow students to turn out votes for their presidential nominee, Joseph R. Biden.

The coronavirus pandemic has put the kibosh on most of that — and Biden backers fear their candidate could lose much of the campus-based youth support Democrats have come to count on in years past.

Owen Voutsinas-Klose, president of the College Democrats at the University of Pennsylvania, figures his organization will miss out on registering upwards of 3,000 voters after the school went all-virtual for the fall semester.

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“First-year freshmen were going to move into the dorms and register to vote in Pennsylvania,” Mr. Owen Voutsinas-Klose said. “That is going to be about, at max, 2,000 people. Not to mention all the upperclassmen. That is a couple of thousand of people at [the University of Pennsylvania] alone that will not be voting in the swing state of Pennsylvania.”

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