Joe Biden celebrates Indigenous People’s Day on Columbus Day

Joe Biden celebrates Indigenous People’s Day on Columbus Day

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden released a statement on Columbus Day that instead celebrates Indigenous People’s Day — an emerging rival to the federal holiday.

Biden’s statement made no mention of the Italian discoverer Christopher Columbus and Biden spokesmen did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether he also is celebrating Columbus Day.

Biden’s statement on Monday said, “Our nation has never lived up to our full promise of equality for all — especially not when it comes to the rights of the indigenous people who were here long before ships arrived from Europe.”

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The former vice president said, “I’ll make tribal sovereignty and upholding our federal trust and treaty responsibilities to Tribal Nations the cornerstones of federal Indian policy. I’ll support self-determination and promote self-governance.”

Biden committed to “putting more land into trust and protecting our natural and cultural treasures; boosting investment in schools, roads, housing, clean water and broadband creating good-paying jobs; tackl[ing] the

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