Joe Biden Campaign Expands Staff in Texas

Joe Biden Campaign Expands Staff in Texas

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is expanding his staff by 13 members in Texas, a historically red state where Republican candidates often have an advantage.

The Democrat nominee’s latest hires include Texas’s most experienced Democrat political operatives, the Texas Tribune reported.

They include Dallas Jones, a Houston political consultant who was hired as Biden’s political director, and Jerry Philips and Jackie Uresti, who will serve as advisers to the campaign in Texas.

Uresti was Hillary Clinton’s 2016 state director, and Philips worked in Texas House politics and was the executive director of the House Democratic Campaign Committee.

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Biden’s campaign has also hired Bethanie Olivan as its digital organizing director. Olivan formerly worked on Julian Castro’s presidential campaign and for the state’s Democrat Party.

The campaign also brought on Terry Bermea as an organizing director. Bermea served as the organizing director for Battleground Texas and was deputy state director for Michael Bloomberg’s presidential

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