Jim Acosta Accidentally Admits CNN ‘Sucks’ in Pathetic Comeback Attempt

Jim Acosta Accidentally Admits CNN ‘Sucks’ in Pathetic Comeback Attempt

CNN’s Jim Acosta is supposed to be a professional journalist, and that’s what makes his botched comeback — where he accidentally agreed with his critics — so gloriously satisfying.

Now, don’t get tripped up on the word “professional” because you’ve watched him heckle and hector White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany with stupid questions one too many times.

Acosta may be in the habit of engaging in self-aggrandizing confrontations rather than actual journalism, but he is the network’s chief White House correspondent and should have known better.

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In a live report from the President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Sanford, Florida, on Monday, a masked Acosta was prattling on about how dire the president’s re-election prospects are, even while a massive crowd was gathered behind him in anticipation of Trump’s arrival.

Is the establishment media too far gone to care about their own bias anymore?

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