Jesse Binnall: “President Donald Trump WON the state of Nevada!”

Jesse Binnall: “President Donald Trump WON the state of Nevada!”

Have you noticed no one on the Trump team is backing down?

In fact, they’re getting bolder!

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They all seem to speak as if they know they already have all the evidence, don’t you think?

Watch this, from Jesse Binnall, a high powered attorney representing the Trump campaign in Nevada.

From his website:

Jesse R. Binnall is an experienced litigator whose work goes well beyond handling complicated federal civil and criminal litigation in courts throughout the country. Jesse’s practice also focuses on:

Complex business and commercial litigation First Amendment and civil rights disputes Title IX litigation against colleges and universities White collar criminal defense Disputes between government contractors Federal investigations and prosecutions Defamation suits Resisting warrants and subpoenas on privacy grounds Conducting internal investigations for companies and representing individuals in these investigations Northern Virginia procedures and practice in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia’s “Rocket Docket” Political law Parliamentary procedure and strategic meeting consulting

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