Jason Whitlock: 'Liberalism Is the New KKK Hood,' 'White Liberals' Are 'Actual Bigots'

Jason Whitlock: 'Liberalism Is the New KKK Hood,' 'White Liberals' Are 'Actual Bigots'

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock denounced white liberals as “bigots” during an interview Wednesday with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Whitlock was discussing the story of white former George Washington University professor Jessica Krug, who recently admitted that she built a career out of pretending to be black.

“Tucker, this really blows my mind, but where we’ve gone in this country is that there is a business built around racial grievance,” he said. “And that business is booming at such a level that white people are like, ‘Hey, I’m going to adopt a whole new identity so I can benefit from being baby Al Sharpton, baby Jesse Jackson.’

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“And in academia this is being embraced, and she’s been able to pull off this scam, but it’s not just her,” Whitlock added.

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