James Comey: Joe Biden Should 'Consider' Pardoning Donald Trump

James Comey: Joe Biden Should 'Consider' Pardoning Donald Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey said during an interview with BBC Newsnight this week that President-elect Joe Biden should “consider” pardoning President Donald Trump as Democrats continue their second impeachment attempt mere days before he is slated to leave office.

“I obviously think he belongs in jail, but I don’t think pursuing that is in the best interests of the entire nation, so I think the wiser decision would be not to pursue him,” Comey said during his appearance, emphasizing that Biden should explain his decision — whatever it is — to the American people.

“Be transparent about why you’re doing what you’re doing,” he said.

When asked if he thought Biden should pardon Trump “as Ford did Nixon,” Comey said he did not know but that Biden “should at least consider it.”

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“Now I don’t know whether Donald Trump, he’s not a genius, but he might figure out that [if]

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