Jack Dorsey Is An Enemy Of The People And The Free Press

Jack Dorsey Is An Enemy Of The People And The Free Press

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told Sam Harris during a podcast last year, “I don’t believe that we can afford to take a neutral stance anymore.”

It was a curious remark, given that the basic idea behind Twitter and other social media companies is that third-party users can post content to a neutral platform. It’s a big reason why such companies get special protection from liability under federal law.

But now we know what Dorsey meant. He meant that Twitter is not going to be a neutral platform anymore, if it ever was to begin with. He meant that he’s going to use the immense power and reach of Twitter to influence the presidential election by doing all he can to help his preferred candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, win the White House. He meant, in other words, that Twitter was going to become an openly partisan political organization and stop pretending to be a neutral platform for third parties.

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