Itxu Díaz: It Wasn’t You Who Stormed the Capitol

Itxu Díaz: It Wasn’t You Who Stormed the Capitol

The CEO of Twitter has kept his bin Laden beard, so I’m not sure what kind of message he was trying to send.

His virtual call with Sen. Ted Cruz that occurred last October was entertaining. It was like a competition between someone who has had too much coffee and someone who has used too much marijuana. Between growls, Jack Dorsey only succeeded in repeating the words “more transparency” some thousand times, so much so that I started to think he owned a glass repair shop instead of a social network.

But Cruz didn’t want to talk about transparency; he wanted to talk about the lack of transparency. Thus, the senator then posed a question that today, in view of the censorship campaign against conservatism, sounds even more relevant: “Who the hell elected you?”

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Of course, he got no answer beyond a new indecipherable growl from Dorsey, whose eyes by

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