It’s Up To You To Keep Live Music From Being Buried In Shutdowns

It’s Up To You To Keep Live Music From Being Buried In Shutdowns

The Monday before Christmas, Neil Diamond posted a “global singalong” of his hit, “Sweet Caroline,” on YouTube. With lyrics about the joy of “reaching out” and “touching hands” with another human being, the song is a perfect — if ironic — anthem for a world that’s grown weary of the imposed isolation of 2020.

Earlier in December, Capitol Records (Diamond’s label) invited his fans to record themselves singing, playing, and dancing to the 1969 classic. Thousands responded, and the resulting mash-up is a feel-good, toe-tapping triumph that will put a smile on your face.

Who doesn’t love “Sweet Caroline”? I can still hear the marching band playing it at Friday night football games in my home state of Texas.

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Virtual Music Has Nothing On Live Performances

Yet, as fun as virtual efforts may sometimes be, when they turn into the rule, the fun fades. Unfortunately, over the last nine months, virtual music-making has been the rule,

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