It’s Time To Abolish ‘State Of The Union’ Speeches Once And For All

It’s Time To Abolish ‘State Of The Union’ Speeches Once And For All

We should ban “State of the Union” addresses — including pseudo “State of the Union” addresses — to Congress.

They are a complete waste of time, and offer nothing of any value to the American people.

Firstly, they are mind-numbingly long. Biden’s first address to Congress on Wednesday night lasted one hour and four minutes. Former President Donald Trump’s addresses were one hour (2017), one hour and twenty minutes (2018), one hour and twenty-two minutes (2019), and one hour and eighteen minutes (2020). Former President Barack Obama’s addresses were a little shorter, ranging from fifty-one minutes (2009) to one hour and nine minutes (2010).

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Former President George W. Bush’s addresses were all under an hour, and some were even under fifty minutes. Former President Bill Clinton lasted one hour and twenty-eight minutes during his 2000 “State of the Union” address, and one hour and twenty-four minutes in 1995.

As we scroll back through the list, the average length noticeably shrinks, with Richard Nixon’s

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