It’s Past Time Anthony Fauci Sit In Front Of Bret Baier On Fox News

It’s Past Time Anthony Fauci Sit In Front Of Bret Baier On Fox News

One of the last times Anthony Fauci went on Fox News was March 14 when the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) joined Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

That day was long before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lifted recommended restrictions on vaccinated individuals, long before CDC emails showed explicit collusion with teachers unions on school reopenings, long before the Wuhan lab-leak theory emerged as a plausible origin among legacy media, long before Facebook lifted its ban on content pointing to the theory, and long before a treasure trove of Fauci’s personal emails were made public to expose “America’s Doctor” as a political animal who operated in his own self-interest to suppress dissent to his Faucian prescriptions and cover his own possible role in the pandemic itself.

Still, the public deserved real answers about Fauci’s endless back-and-forth recommendations throughout the prior 12 months. Why the endless flip-flopping on masks? Why the

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