It's Official: NBA Finals Ratings Were The Worst In History

It's Official: NBA Finals Ratings Were The Worst In History

The NBA season is finally over and league officials will now have time to ponder where it all went so terribly wrong. 

When the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James closed out the overmatched Miami Heat on Sunday they did so before the lowest viewership for a game where the trophy was clinched as only 6 million tuned in. 


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How bad was it? Game six was down nearly 70 percent from 2019 which featured a team from Canada in the Toronto Raptors and did not feature King James who has become the voice and face of the NBA in the current era. 

The league is paying dearly for allowing the divisive James to be the tail that wags the dog and going full “woke” after the season which was preempted by the coronavirus hysteria resumed in the Orlando bubble as a vehicle for the Black Lives Matter agenda. 

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