It's about time for some lame-duck legislating

It's about time for some lame-duck legislating

Over the next few weeks, the 2020 election will be mostly behind us (except in Georgia, which has two runoff U.S. Senate races to go). Court challenges will be brought and adjudicated. Votes will be certified. Winners and losers will become more apparent. Congressional leadership elections will be held and committee assignments made. Everyone will take some time for Thanksgiving.

Then Congress will turn to the year-end lame-duck session, when it finishes up some items left undone and leaves others forever unaddressed by the 116th Congress. A general rule of thumb in Washington is that lame-duck sessions of Congress end up accomplishing a lot less than people think they will before they begin (especially those held after a presidential election). This year, it’s in the best interest of taxpayers that the events follow this old saw.

An important consideration for lame ducks is that they tend to work the opposite of what is referred to as “regular

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