Israel’s military reportedly uses ‘thirst traps’ to sow Zionist pride

Israel’s military reportedly uses ‘thirst traps’ to sow Zionist pride

They’re young, hot and ready for war. 

Members of the Israel Defense Forces are posting “thirst traps” on TikTok amid the nation’s conflict with Hamas — and experts say it’s part of a larger strategy to garner support and spread nationalism as the social media masses flock to support Palestinians, Rolling Stone reported

The IDF, which is in the midst of a cease-fire with Hamas following a short war that left 13 Israelis and over 240 Palestinians dead, has long been social media-savvy with a strong online presence, but they’ve stepped up their game amid the latest round of conflict in Gaza, the outlet reported Friday. 

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As the platform is flooded with images of people running away from Israeli airstrikes, soldiers with the IDF are responding by pumping out pro-military content like showing off their uniforms or meeting loved ones at the Gaza border, the outlet said. 

IDF soldier Yael Deri has gained over a million followers sharing pro-Israeli

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