Israeli opposition groups move to oust PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli opposition groups move to oust PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Opposition groups on Sunday said they have formed a coalition to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, signaling the possible end of the country’s longest-serving leader, according to reports.

Naftali Bennett, Netanyahu’s former defense minister, and centrist opposition leader Yair Lapid have agreed to a power-sharing government following weeks of negotiations.

“We could go to fifth elections, sixth elections, until our home falls upon us, or we could stop the madness and take responsibility,” Bennett said in a televised statement Sunday evening, the Washington Post reported. “Today, I would like to announce that I intend to join my friend Yair Lapid in forming a unity government.”

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The two have until Wednesday to cement their deal, which would allow each to serve two years as prime minister on a rotating basis.

Israel has held four inconclusive elections over the last two years on Netanuyahu, who faces corruption charges.

Bennett, a former Netanyahu protege-turned-foe, said he’s taking the step with Lapid

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