Israel deal bolsters Trump bid to expand Jewish support

Israel deal bolsters Trump bid to expand Jewish support

The Trump campaign unveiled a new coalition on Wednesday to win over more Jewish voters, believing the president’s record on Israel and anti-Semitism will galvanize American Jews and drive a wedge in their traditional alliance with the Democratic Party over the anti-Semitic rhetoric of Rep. Ilhan Omar and others.

Coming a day after Mr. Trump hosted a breakthrough Middle East peace deal with Israel and the United Arab Emirates at the White House, the leaders of “Jewish Voices for Trump” said their effort will underscore what they say are the administration’s pro-Israel policies and its “empowering Jewish communities across the country.”

Among the group’s five co-chairs are billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam, both major financial supporters of Mr. Trump.

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Mr. Trump has increased his support from Jewish voters slightly since 2016. A poll released Monday by the Jewish Electorate Institute showed him with 30 percent support among Jewish Americans, while Democrat Joseph R. Biden received

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