Is This How The Deep State Pays Off The Swamp?

Is This How The Deep State Pays Off The Swamp?

I have been thinking about this one for a couple of weeks now.

Seriously, I was in Target recently, and as I passed their book section I could see all the political books and autobiographies front and center on their shelves.

My thoughts?

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Who the hell reads these things? I consider myself an avid reader, and I have NEVER picked up a politician’s latest book.

Why are these people getting $1 million books deals for books no one is going to read? I passed by those shelves and they were all stocked to the brim… in no one is reading them.

No one ever buys these things, so $1 million seems a bit high, and this is exactly what certain reports are getting at: it’s a money laundering scheme.

A money laundering scheme which keeps RINO’s and the swamp alike well fed and moving along like clockwork.

Take a look:

Mike Pence –

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