Is President Trump About To Go From #45 to #19?

Is President Trump About To Go From #45 to #19?

Is it true?

I am not saying this is actually going to happen, but it is an interesting theory, and I think we should explore it here a bit.

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A lot of people are alleging that President Trump may return to power on March 4th because every President from 1871 onwards is essentially illegitimate.

Why are they not legitimate?

The theory alleges that because the U.S. was made into a corporation owned first by England, and then The Vatican in 1871, all Presidents since then are not real Presidents.

They are Presidents of a legal fiction, a corporation in debt to banking cartels and The Vatican.

Backers of the theory point to the dissolving of this corporate legal fiction, and the restoration of a constitutional republic, as the ticket for President Trump to get into The White House once more.

To be fair, countries like Australia are American LLC’s, so it is not unheard of for a country to

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