Is it a CLEVER Idea to Invest in CLVA?

Is it a CLEVER Idea to Invest in CLVA?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of the hottest sectors now. There are literally hundreds of projects coming up with similar investment and earning models that make it hard for investors to differentiate one from another, making it more challenging to find the right platform that offers better returns.

Among all the DeFi projects, a newcomer CLEVER stands out, mainly due to its unique guaranteed interest model and a high degree of transparency. The project recently concluded the 30-day minting phase of its native CLVA token, and anyone who missed it can now buy into the project by acquiring CLVA from Uniswap or P2PB2B.

What makes CLEVER so different?

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A creation of entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Bryan Legend, CLEVER is a DeFi protocol that simplifies yield farming by providing a flexible, assured way to earn returns on investment. Designed keeping transparency and security in mind, the CLEVER platform relies heavily on automation through efficient usage of smart contracts and on-chain

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